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Windows 7: Microsoft says "No Looking Back"
Datamation – Darien,CT,USA
By Ronald Barrett If the Mojave experiment didn’t get you out there buying a new Windows Vista system, and the Seinfeld/Gates ads didn’t have you lining up
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Wales steers clear of Vista – UK
By Nick Heath The Welsh Assembly will not upgrade its computers to Windows Vista for at least three years. The Welsh governing body is three-quarters of the
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Removable Vista features for enhanced performance
ITvoir – New Delhi,Delhi,India
From Window Color and Appearance dialog box, click “Open classic appearance properties for more color options” -> Windows Vista Basic and click OK. 3.
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Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008: The Unofficial User’s Guide
PC Magazine – USA
And in spite of Microsoft’s caution that TV Pack should be installed only on a clean copy of Windows Vista SP1, many users are reporting success with the
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BigFix Security Configuration Management Receives SCAP Certification
MarketWatch – USA
comprehensive visibility into the security configurations of all Windows XP and Windows Vista systems throughout a federal agency’s infrastructure.
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Microsoft: Vista, spatial computing the future – USA
migrating to Windows Vista. He wanted to know, given Mundie’s vision of rich user interfaces, when we can expect Microsoft to make its programs aware of the
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How To Restore The Run Command In Windows Vista Or Windows XP
By Asad
When I first started using Vista I felt that Microsoft had done a great thing putting the Search bar instead of usual start menu in Windows Vista but it became one of my major hang-ups, they made it so that we could launch our favorite
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How to run Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) in Windows Vista
By eches
As soon as you install Windows Vista on you computer, you just say goodbye for good to Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) because it is replaced by Internet Explorer 7. Why bother? Yup, that’s the correct question to normal users but for web
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Windows Vista activation error
Windows Vista activation error.
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Windows Vista Theme Customization
By Martin
Microsoft put a lot of effort into making Windows Vista a visually compelling operating system. The system still has the same Windows Vista theme protections in place that make it impossible to add custom themes to Windows Vista.
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Stay on top of the Election with MSNBC News Beta in Windows Media
By Brandon LeBlanc
Under the TV + Movies menu in Windows Media Center, you may have noticed a new tile: MSNBC News Beta. The MSNBC News Beta tile will begin appearing in Windows Media Center for users in the United States and Canada running Windows Vista
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