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New desktop search comes as a Windows update
Heise Online – Hannover,Germany
Even emails and calendar files can be located, although Microsoft only supports email searching for its own Outlook, Outlook Express and Vista Windows Mail …
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Bloke gets $200 refund for unwanted Vista
Inquirer – Harrow,England,UK
Chances are, if you have, you’ll be forced into paying for Windows Vista as part of the package. We know… it sucks, but that’s just the way things are, …
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Why should you choose Vista over XP ?
ITvoir – New Delhi,Delhi,India
Windows Vista has further polished this feature to the extent that users can even fall in love with it. The new search technology integrated in Vista begins …
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Microsoft Is On The Right Track
eFluxMedia – USA
According to company officials, up to this point, 180 million copies of Windows Vista have been sold and it seems that more and more people are beginning to …
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Time to say sayonara to Vista
News Chief – Winter Haven,FL,USA
Instead, I will probably be wiping my laptop of the last shreds of Windows Vista and reinstalling Windows XP Professional and trying to find all of the …
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ASUS’ Big Development
PC Magazine – USA
Of course, you will have to press another button for the machine to load Windows. This development is important, since 90 percent of the time all a user …
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RE[3]: Regardless of the reason
OS News – USA
In fact I have it down to such a science that I don’t even run anti-virus on my Windows Vista x64 anymore, and I have been virus free for almost 2 years now …
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Setting Up Encryption In Vista Part III
By Diana Huggins
Windows Vista Ultimate w/ SP1 (Full Product); Windows Vista Ultimate w/SP1 (Upgrade, PC); Windows Vista Home Premium (Upgrade); Windows Vista Home Premium (Full Product); Windows Vista Ultimate (Full Product); Windows Vista Home Premium …
IT Professionals –

Building a New Computer – Part 5: Tweaking Your New Computer
By The Geek
Backing up your data is so important that I’m planning on writing a series to discuss it in more depth, but at the very least you should use the backup utility bundled in Windows Vista to back up your files to an external drive, …
the How-To Geek –

Windows Vista Hotfixes 21.07.2008
By admin
In this post we provide access to all Hotfixes for Windows Vista, that are not included in the automatic updates, but they fix bugs and incompatibilities in the operating system.Note that this is only a list of the hotfixes that are …
ComVan –

Microsoft sells over 180 million Windows Vista copies
With a market share that surpasses 16%, Microsoft’s Windows Vista is crawling towards a goal it may never reach (surpass Windows XP’s share) due o the release of Windows 7 in 2010. Despite this situation, Vista sales are growing and now …
TechConnect Magazine –

How to manage an Windows Vista Enterprise Project
By Christoffer Andersson
Did I move straight on to the next Windows version? Well in fact I did, I went on to early builds on what’s next after Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008 even before Windows Server 2008 did hit RTM, but that’s another story. …
Christoffer Andersson [AD MVP] –