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Windows desktop performance: Setting the record straight
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
Never mind the fact that I already wrote about the detailed benchmark results proving that Windows Server 2008 outperforms Windows Vista on identical …
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If your SSD sucks, blame Vista, says SSD vendor
Reg Hardware – UK
By Tony Smith [More by this author] It’s Windows Vista’s fault that solid-state storage isn’t performing as well as its proponents predicted. …
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Apple pushes MobileMe surprise to XP, Vista via iTunes update
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
… 2008 (Computerworld) Apple Inc. installed a control panel applet for its MobileMe online sync and storage service on Windows XP and Windows Vista …
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First hints of Microsoft’s “fight back” ads appear
Instead, clicking the link on the “World is flat” add leads to a page headlined, “Windows Vista: Look how far we’ve come.” The copy beneath leads off with a …
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Ubuntu for business
Manila Standard Today – Philippines
IT’S shaping up to be an exciting year for Ubuntu, the Linux distribution that can knock the socks off Windows Vista and free your company from expensive …
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Microsoft prepares to auto-deliver Windows Search 4.0 to Vista users
BetaNews – USA
Windows XP users will find it as an optional update that must be installed manually. It will be delivered to Windows Vista users as a "Recommended" update, …
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Blogger gets $200 check from HP for declining Vista’s EULA
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
When he saw the Windows Vista EULA and the HP EULA, he decided he wanted to move to Linux. He wasn’t happy that there wasn’t an option to decline the EULA, …
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RE: Nothing interesting to see here…. – USA
That would be a better indicator of how much confidence individuals have in Windows Vista. Atleast with the retail channels they can truly trumpet that …
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Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini (250GB, 7200 rpm)
PC Magazine – USA
Data can be shared, but not synced between Windows Vista and Windows XP machines. Extra power occupies two USB ports.
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Going Mobile with Windows Live Mesh
The Industry Standard – San Francisco,CA,USA
The command center for Live Mesh is the Live Desktop, a slick Web site designed to look more or less like a Windows Vista desktop. …
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Microsoft’s Windows Vista Mea-Sorta-Culpa
By Harry McCracken
Over at ZDNet, Ed Bott has posted an intriguing item on Microsoft’s attempt to reintroduce Windows Vista to a world that seems to have its fair share of Vista skeptics. Ed noticed the image at left, comparing Vista doubters to …
Technologizer –

Sandisk: Windows Vista not optimized for solid state drives
By Brooke Crothers
SanDisk said Monday that Windows Vista is not optimized for solid state drives, delaying the delivery of optimized drives until next year. Solid state drives (SSDs) are used instead of hard disk drives in select high-end notebook PCs …
Nanotech –

Troubleshooting Encryption In Vista Part I
By Diana Huggins
Windows Vista Ultimate w/ SP1 (Full Product); Windows Vista Ultimate w/SP1 (Upgrade, PC); Windows Vista Home Premium (Upgrade); Windows Vista Home Premium (Full Product); Windows Vista Ultimate (Full Product); Windows Vista Home Premium …
IT Professionals –

Triple Boot, Part 4: Windows via VirtualBox
By Gregg Sporar
After setting up my triple-boot system, I was not content. I want access to Windows Vista and Ubuntu 8.04 without having to restart my system. I mostly run OpenSolaris and rebooting to switch to Vista or Ubuntu is a disruption. …
The Observatory –

Map a Network Drive using Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008
By MrGroove
Mapping a Network Drive using Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 is easy right? Well, based on the number of emails I get asking me how it’s done, apparently it’s not as easy as Microsoft probably intended… Anyway, it’s really simple … :: Groovy Technical… –