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Microsoft Claims 180 Million Vista License Sales
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In the fourth quarter earning report, Microsoft is claiming to have reached 180 million mark in Windows Vista license sales. Over the last 12 months,
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Windows Vista Bootloader
By Sanil S
In one of my previous post I described the workaround for installing Windows XP in your pre-installed Windows Vista computer and the process of partition drive in Windows Vista. But I forgot to mention about the bootloader for Vista.
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Microsoft Windows Vista ULTIMATE x64 SP1 2008 OEM DVD
By admin
Microsoft Windows Vista ULTIMATE x64 SP1 2008 OEM DVD + 9 Language Interface Pack. Windows Vista Language Interface Pack (MUI) for Microsoft Windows Vista x64 with Service Pack 1 incl: Russian, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, …
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Finished Installing Windows Vista SP1 ? Now Remove All The Junk Files
By Digitally Inspired(Digitally Inspired)
When you install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 on your computer, the SP1 installer will not remove the older versions of Vista files from the hard drive. This is because the older files may be required in case you decide to uninstall SP1 …
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Windows Vista = Over 180 million licenses sold
By ahmad12
Revenue growth was primarily driven by continued customer demand for all products, including Windows Vista, which has sold over 180 million licenses since launch, the 2007 Microsoft Office system, server software, and Xbox 360 consoles …
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RE: Can’t Perform Windows Vista Repair-Upgrade Install Even Though …
By montecarlo1987
Let me add to John’s statement that if you remove the SP1 add-on from the Windows Vista SP1 you already have on system (bringing it back to Windows Vista SP0 — the original release of Windows Vista), and attempt to do a Windows Vista …
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