Well earlier today my website got approved to access and utilize the new Woopra analytics system.  Right now it seems the beta is targeted at sites with less than 10,000 page views per day in order to prevent overloading the servers.

Woopra’s interface is Java based and a very small download but you will have to get Java 1.6 installed before you can use this interface program on your machine. 

Once you do get it installed it will run minimized in your system tray and provide you live data on visitors to your website – the amount of data available is amazing.  One very slick feature is the ability to initiate a chat with someone who is visiting your website.  General consensus is that this might spook some folks as they visit to have a window pop up asking them to chat – I have had nobody respond to my attempts to chat – so this might be a very true statement.


If you click and enlarge the above screen shot you can get an idea on the types of data available and this is not even scratching the surface.  If you want to see a very good video of the inner workings of this interface let me recommend you check out Johny.org’s video on his Woopra Live Web Analytics in Action posting.

Invites are limited and Johny is holding a couple of contests to give a few away – Woopra Invite Competition.

More to follow as I get a few days of data collected.