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I Spit on Vista’s Grave
Motley Fool – USA
Last month it was market watcher Forrester Research claiming that just 6.3% of surveyed corporate computer users had upgraded to Windows Vista in 2007. …
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Microsoft: Vista UAC intended ‘to annoy users’
Electronista – Santa Clara,CA,USA
One of Windows Vista’s design features was deliberately implemented “to annoy users,” a Microsoft executive admitted yesterday at the RSA 2008 conference in …
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Passionate users berg Microsot to keep XP
Inside Bay Area – Oakland,CA,USA
They trumpet its superiority to Windows Vista, Microsoft’s latest PC operating system, whose consumer launch last January was greeted with lukewarm reviews. …
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Vista’s UAC security prompt was designed to annoy you
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
By Ken Fisher | Published: April 11, 2008 – 10:36AM CT User Account Control is easily one of the most hated features of Windows Vista, according to readers. …
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The Linux lesson Windows needs
With each new release of Windows, it adds capability, it adds code, and it gets bigger. It’s the Moore’s Law of Windows, Gates’ Corollary. Windows Vista is …
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Windows Vista Doomed, says Gartner
NewsOXY – Orlando,FL,USA
The analysts pointed out the slow adoption rate by businesses, just 6% to date, and that the Windows Vista code base is so large. …
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Gartner Analysts Warn That Windows Is Collapsing
Slashdot – USA
… but Microsoft requires a different product on handhelds because Windows Vista is too large, which makes application development, support and the user …
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Price cuts for Windows Home editions
TechCentral – Malaysia
The price reductions will also encourage consumers to have original versions of Windows Vista installed on their PCs. This will give them access to the …
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Platform: Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista
PC Authority Business Centre – McMahons Point,NSW,Australia
There are instructions available on how to replace Windows Notepad with this more capable version. Those who like Notepad for editing files such as HTML web …
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Platform Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Computeractive – London,UK
It doesn’t take long to realise that most modern mobile phones are capable of far more than simply making calls. One way to get the most from a phone is to …
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PeopleTools 8.46 and Microsoft Windows Vista SP1
By Ethan Jones(John Wagenleitner)
As luck would have it, my Windows XP drive took a dive earlier this week. Rather than wasting a lot of time figuring out what the problem is, I thought it would be better to put my Windows Vista drive back into my laptop and keep …
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Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 JUST 100$ woo bestbuy!
Right now, when you purchase a PC preloaded with Windows Vista Home Premium (with or without SP1), you can upgrade to the exciting capabilities of Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 for only $99!(cheap way to make money off people)
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Comment on Assignment 5 by write.wrong
By write.wrong
So far so good. I find it to be a relief to know that Windows Vista is protecting me through IE 7. I am currently using IE 8 and find it to be very secure.
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Windows Vista Service Pack 1 infects, wrecks computers
When Microsoft released their new Windows Vista operating system to the general public in January 2007, thei…
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Why Windows Vista only sees 3GB memory in a PC with 4GB RAM
One of the many reasons we love to hate Windows Vista. What is astonishing is how Microsoft has updated the OS to show the correct amount of RAM but what users who may not know Vista’s limitations is that the Vista OS can only use 3.12 …
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