I am a conflicted person tonight.  There are two picture blogging options in my life now and I am unsure of who to give my loyalty.


It all started back on 17 Dec 2007 when I discovered SnapFoo.com – as I recall I came across it because I encountered @williamsba on Twitter.  He had mentioned SnapFoo in a Tweet and I asked about it and he immediately sent me an invite.  Since then I have posted 174 pictures on my profile there and I think my “Foo” has been very strong.

All was well until two days ago on 09 Apr 2008.  I am still unsure exactly how TwitPic.com came to my attention – wait – it is coming back to me now.  I had just updated to the latest version of twhirl which has become my preferred Twitter client. Included in the latest version was integration with an application/website called TwitPic – so naturally my curiosity carried me to the website and I was quite intrigued.  I signed up for an account and started to Tweet a few pics.


Both sites have great functionality and have many things in common such as uploading pictures either directly through the web interface or via email (my preferred method when I am out and about on my BlackJack mobile phone).  Both play nice with Twitter and send links to your Twitter stream when a photo is posted.

It is at this point that a few things start to stand out between the two services.  For instance, TwitPic posts replies/comments on your photo back to your Twitter stream – as well as any comments you make on photos get posted on both the persons stream who submitted the photos and who ever made the comment.  Currently SnapFoo has a space for comments and you can get notified via email when someone does make a comment but it does not insert those comments into your Twitter stream.

TwitPic provides feedback on your photos page of how many people have clicked through from your Twitter stream to view the picture.  Statistics and feedback – a very nice feature.

All in all either service is very functional and provides you the ability to provide visual cues to your Twitter followers.  I am thankful to have small dilemma’s in my life – it means we have great choices out there and a little competition in the same service arena means better products and services down the road.

Great work on both sides!

You can keep up with my Twitter stream and pictures from both SnapFoo and TwitPIc by following me at @WindowsObserver