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Tips for Living Peacefully with Vista’s UAC
IT Management – Darien,CT,USA
Moreover, perhaps I’ll win some over to the “Dark Side” (Vista). When first Beta testing Windows Vista right from the start there was one feature I loved …
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Workshop: Record TV with Vista’s Media Center
Computeractive – London,UK
The two fanciest editions of Windows Vista – Home Premium and Ultimate – include Media Center, which turns a home PC into an all-in-one digital TV and hard …
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Windows – 5, 6, or 7? – Southborough,MA,USA
Windows 5.1 (client version) is Windows XP. Windows 6 client version is Windows Vista. Windows 7 … well it doesn’t exist yet, but it has been in the news …
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Vista beats OS X? Really? – Santa Monica,CA,USA
Is more software, free and commercial, available for Windows Vista than OS X? Yes, without a doubt. Even more software is available for Windows XP than …
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Microsoft Previews Windows Search 4.0
eWeek – New York, NY
Windows Search is the desktop search engine for Windows Vista and Windows XP, and allows users to search for files, photographs, e-mail and Word documents …
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Microsoft Windows XP Dies June 30, as Planned
eWeek – New York, NY
“Last fall, our OEM partners asked us to extend sales of Windows XP to give their customers more time to transition to Windows Vista while we worked with …
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Windows Vista SP1 Installation Bug Fixed, Microsoft Says
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Paul McDougall Microsoft said Tuesday that it’s resumed distribution of a prerequisite file for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 after fixing a bug that …
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MS issues updated updater needed for SP1 update
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
One week later, Microsoft pulled the former, which updates the Windows Vista “Servicing Stack,” due to an endless reboot cycle that some users were …
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New Batch of Windows Flaws Give Hackers a Roadmap to Riches
IT Jungle – New York,NY,USA
April’s Patch Tuesday also takes the shine off Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1, which needed patching due to their extensive reuse of legacy …
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Integrate your favorite search engine into Windows Vista
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
If you’ve read the July 18 th edition of the Windows Vista Report titled, “My six favorite Sidebar Gadgets,” you know that I use Search Gadget in the Vista …
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IF Windows Vista Advertisers Were Hired by Canonical…
By Greg
I believe something like this would come out:. Post from: IF Windows Vista Advertisers Were Hired by Canonical…
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Save Yourself $100 on Windows Vista
By adm_snackbar
Try as we might, there’s no stopping Windows Vista from gradually replacing our tried, true and beloved XP. Microsoft’s already phasing out XP out on all but the ultra mobile laptop market. So if you’ve already accepted the facts and …
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windows explorer stopped working
By shanwen(vista)
The following dialogue box appears after logging on to windows vista:. “windows explorer has stopped working”. I then have no access to my desktop – just a black screen. I have no access to the start button or to any files on the …
Software – Vista –

How to improve Windows Vista performance
By videonet
If you’re tired of Windows Vista’s sluggish performance, follow these tips and techniques to speed up your operating system’s responsiveness. Community – –

Removing the GIGNORMUS short-cut arrows
I have some really nice custom desktop short-cut icons since Windows XP. However Windows Vista places these huge ‘arrows’ on the icons that take almost 1/4 of the entire icon. After a little searching I found a free application that not …
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