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Analyst Warned Microsoft About Vista, Low-Cost PCs
CRN – Manhasset,NY,USA
Daugherty is the in-house market analyst who in early 2006 warned Microsoft’s Windows Vista marketing team that the new operating system’s "harsher" …
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Say What? Windows 7 To Be Released Next Year?
eFluxMedia – USA
By Max Brenn It seems like the successor of Windows Vista will be released earlier than we previously thought. Microsoft has already offered some hints …
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RE: Windows Vista
OS News – USA
I think Win 7 isn’t intended to be Windows without Vista, but Vista without Windows, if you understand what I mean. New Vista and intended-for-vista …
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Windows Vista
OS News – USA
by thecwin (2.72) on Fri 4th Apr 2008 22:28 UTC If this is true, Vista seems even more like Windows Me than before. Me was almost like a test-bed for a …
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Why "Vista" Nick White Left Microsoft
Slashdot – USA
An anonymous reader writes "Earlier this week Nick White, Product Manager for Windows Vista and blogger at WindowsVistaBlog, announced that he was leaving …
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The Vista license “loophole” that isn’t
I could also take an existing retail copy of Windows Vista, already used on one computer in my organization, and install it on a second PC. …
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Vista fiasco continues with retreat to XP
Microsoft’s announcement yesterday of the “Extended Availability of Windows XP Home for ULCPCs” is more evidence that the Windows Vista fiasco is still …
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Windows Vista SP1 Performance Analyses
Quote from the report: "How does Service Pack 1 affect Windows Vista’s day-to-day performance in common desktop applications and games? …
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FastReport Studio 4.5 for Windows Vista is released
Programmers – Malmo,Sweden
Fast Reports Incorporated has announced the immediate availability of FastReport Studio 4.5, which now includes certified support for Windows Vista. …
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RE[5]: Vista is the future
OS News – USA
When you buy a system with Windows Vista pre-installed, you should not have any problems with your hardware, and so it is unlikely that you would have to …
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Windows 7, Successor To Vista, May Ship Next Year
By manunkind
In response to an inquiry from InformationWeek, Microsoft said in a statement that Windows 7 is “scoped to three years from Windows Vista Consumer GA. As is standard with the release of a new product, we will be releasing early builds …
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Windows Vista And The Network Map
By Chuck(Chuck)
Now Auto Discovery is a built in feature of our favourite new operating system, Windows Vista. One of the shiniest features of Windows Vista is The Network Map – its ability to show you a semi graphical display of all of the computers, …
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Vista OS X v3: Leopard Transformation Pack for Vista
By Rich
The Vista OS X is a transformation pack by patrickgs, for windows users to transform the look and desktop theme of your Windows Vista system to the look of Mac OS X Leopard. You can use Vista OS X on any language and edition! …
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Windows Vista SP1 OEM Part Numbers
By Philip E.
66J-05542: Windows Vista Business x86 SP1 1 Pack; 66J-05530: Windows Vista Business x86 SP1 3 Pack; 66J-05523: Windows Vista Business x64 SP1 1 Pack; 66J-05916: Windows Vista Business x64 SP1 3 Pack. Windows Vista Ultimate x86/x64: …
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New Free Vista PowerToy – TweakVI
By PCWizKid
There is a new tweaking Powertoy for Windows Vista users. Its called TweakVI. Best of all the basic version of this utility is completely free! It seems once again a 3rd party has beat Microsoft to the punch by creating a PowerToy …
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