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Bill Gates says Windows 7 replacing Vista next year – Sydney,Australia
By Jonathan Schlaffer Windows Vista users salvation may be at hand. If you can’t wait to dump Vista for something better you can either go back to XP or …
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Microsoft’s Windows Vista And The Network Map
HULIQ – Hickory,NC,USA
Now Auto Discovery is a built in feature of our favourite new operating system, Windows Vista. One of the shiniest features of Windows Vista is The Network …
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RE: Windows Vista
OS News – USA
Microsoft says that Vista is the foundation for the next couple versions of Windows now what this means for example is WPF is in Vista but nothing really is …
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Windows Vista Source Code Leaked!
By manunkind
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VMware Fusion Running Windows Vista Ultimate Benchmarks
By Phil Nelson
Today, I decided to run some tests on virtual machines, with the first one being the latest VMware (1.1.1) running Windows Vista Ultimate at 800×600 on my 2.16ghz Macbook. Geekbench score: 1705. I’m going to be running some gaming …
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Microsoft Gives Windows XP A Limited Reprieve
By admin
In a decision that highlights Windows Vista’s hefty system requirements, Microsoft said Thursday that it would allow computer makers to continue to sell the older Windows XP operating system on “ultra low-cost PCs” for an extended …
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Getting multiple monitors working again after Windows Vista SP1 …
By hjl
I recently installed the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) upgrade on one of my multiple display systems. This particular one is the previously mentioned HP a6110n, in a triple-headed configuration using the built-in Nvidia GeForce …
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Vista Watch
By admin
Windows Vista is on life support. It is dying and will be replaced as soon as possible . Our blog at will follow the demise of Vista on Vista Watch. We do so to highlight a)how fast the change over will be made; …
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