I have talked about my BlackJack I before – I really like having it for the mobile functionality it gives me away from home.  The Internet and mail ability is very good and allows me to stay connected.

A few weeks ago I upgraded my BlackJack I (SGH-i607) to Windows Mobile 6 and that improved the phone even more than when it was running Windows Mobile 5.

I had an unexpected issue the other day after reformatting my Windows Vista system and I wanted to share with you all the sequence of things you need to do so that phone with Windows Mobile 6 on it gets recognized correctly by your computer system.

Some of you may be aware of this but Windows Vista does not provide mobile device support right out of the box. You have to download Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) from Microsoft directly to get it installed.

The latest version available is Windows Mobile Device Center Version 6.1.  If you install that directly on a clean install of Windows Vista the BlackJack I will not be recognized by Windows Vista. It gets reported as an unrecognized USB device.

So after trying different USB ports (I have a hub and thought that might be the issue) nothing changed.

After some Googling I found a comment on a site that indicated the issue was related to WMDC 6.1.  They recommended downloading Windows Mobile Device Center 6.0 instead.

After installing that version and rebooting the computer I plugged my BlackJack I in and lo and behold it was recognized.  Immediately after that was done and ready I went to Windows Update and there was an update to the driver for the phone which I downloaded. The phone was now updating and connecting to my data on the computer without any problems.

The following check of Windows Update downloaded the 6.1 version of WMDC and from that point forward everything is working just fine.

Now it took me just about 20 minutes to get this ready for publishing – that afternoon of work took me about three hours!

I hope you save a few minutes by reading this!