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Saturday - June 25th, 2022

Observed.Tech PODCAST Episode 229 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 229 of Observed.Tech. This weeks show is a couple of days late because of my travel back from Build 2017 in Seattle and some recovery time but in this episode I walk through all the major announcements that impact Windows 10 and the new ecosystem Microsoft discussed last week. Before I dived into details from Build, I addressed an email I received from a listener last week after I talked about and subsequently removed the links to subscribe to the podcast in Zune. It helped me understand some still make tech choices that are different than my own which is OK as long as it does not compromise security of your OS ecosystem. That link is now back on this show page in the options below due to that email. I then spend most of the show talking about new features for the now officially dubbed Fall Creators Update (Redstone 3) such as OneDrive Files On-Demand, Timeline, Pick Up Where You Left Off, a new Cloud-powered Clipboard and Story Remix – the most popular demo from nearly five hours of keynotes. In addition I cover the new Fluent Design Language, what we have known as Project NEON until now, and how that is starting to appear in more first party apps on both Windows 10 desktop and mobile devices. Links to all of the related news are on the Show Notes page so make sure you go visit there and read through all the details I highlighted in this episode. As always enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 178 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 178 of Observed Tech. Ready for another episode of Observed Tech that is full of Windows 10 related news? Well this one will help with that because last week there were two major Windows 10 related releases from Microsoft for the Xbox One and PCs/tablets. I also discuss installing the Windows 10 November Update with tools from Microsoft, discuss backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One and some issues that might keep you from seeing the November Update for Windows 10 on your system. Of course there are other items in this episode such as my hands on with Microsoft Band v2, OEMs blaming Windows 10 for their users woes and a new Insider program from Microsoft. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 163 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 163 of the Observed Tech PODCAST. This is the one where my Nokia Lumia 830 is being updated to Windows 10 Mobile build 10052. This was a new build that was released with bug fixes right before I started recording the show so you get to experience the update as well! Of course there is a lot of other items discussed in the show including the direction Microsoft is taking Windows 10 in, a Microsoft Band bug, and some expectations for BUILD next week. As always there are of course plenty of other news items that get covered in this episode so come on in and take part in the discussion. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 104

Welcome to Episode 104! After I wrapped Episode 103 last week I was really expecting things to be pretty slow for Friday and the weekend. How wrong was I about that? So I start this show off talking about the unexpected retirement announcement from Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer last Friday morning and the release of Windows 8.1 to manufacturers. Both of those events made for a very busy weekend of tech news as folks all over the web started grading Ballmer’s time as CEO, who his replacement should be and the chorus of enthusiasts/developers who were wondering why Microsoft was not going to release Windows 8.1 before General Availability in October. However, there were other news items during this past week and I got to a few of them in the show as well: SkyDrive App in Windows 8.1, all businesses can benefit from Windows 8.1, the end of Microsoft Points, Xbox 360 Dashboard update released, Feedly Cloud RSS Reader goes Pro, Sinofsky is now advising the folks at Box, Nokia getting Sirius about a Windows RT tablet, Tablets sales lose some fizzle, Windows Phone Dev annual subscription for $19 gets extended, Surface Pro price cut becomes permanent, National Geographic photographer and a Nokia Lumia 1020 makes the West look great, Windows Phone takes on malware, everyone but Windows Official Apps can report abuse now via Twitter, WordPress is getting a social media curation feature for blog posts, a Windows user experiences a Mac Mini and lives to tell about it and the 3%. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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