Observed.Tech PODCAST Episode 229 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 229 of Observed.Tech.

This weeks show is a couple of days late because of my travel back from Build 2017 in Seattle and some recovery time but in this episode I walk through all the major announcements that impact Windows 10 and the new ecosystem Microsoft discussed last week.

Before I dived into details from Build, I addressed an email I received from a listener last week after I talked about and subsequently removed the links to subscribe to the podcast in Zune. It helped me understand some still make tech choices that are different than my own which is OK as long as it does not compromise security of your OS ecosystem. That link is now back on this show page in the options below due to that email.

I also spent some time talking about the WannaCry Malware that ran rampant last week and how important it is to keep your systems up to date!

I then spend most of the show talking about new features for the now officially dubbed Fall Creators Update (Redstone 3) such as OneDrive Files On-Demand, Timeline, Pick Up Where You Left Off, a new Cloud-powered Clipboard and Story Remix – the most popular demo from nearly five hours of keynotes.

In addition I cover the new Fluent Design Language, what we have known as Project NEON until now, and how that is starting to appear in more first party apps on both Windows 10 desktop and mobile devices.

Links to all of the related news are on the Show Notes page so make sure you go visit there and read through all the details I highlighted in this episode.

As always enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

Date Produced: 16 May 2017

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3 thoughts on “Observed.Tech PODCAST Episode 229 #OTP

  1. Lynn – Since the clients seem to be merging for ODFB and OD Consumer I expect the behavior will be same/similar – that is at least how they brought it across in the video demo. While time will tell for sure I expect that if you use a MS Acct then OneDrive Files on Demand will be activated and likely will not prompt you for what folders need to be synched but it will show your entire OD file directory structure and then you can pick down to the file level what you want stored locally versus the cloud.

  2. Hi Richard – I explored the links you had to the OneDrive video that outlines what’s coming with OD On Demand, very excited to get this hopefully next month since I’m an Insider.

    I’ve got 2 questions that I was hoping you might have the answers for:

    – When the new On Demand system is in place, how are things handled when initially setting up a OneDrive account? I’m wondering if there will be the pop-up where we can initially choose which files/folders we want to sync to our local machine. If we have to right-click on each file/folder we want on our local machine, that could be a very long and tedious task.

    – With those of us who already have our ODFB and OD set up, will the On Demand default to the way it’s currently set up? I’m thinking the change would be the status column and the addition of any files/folders we haven’t synced would appear with the cloud icon.

    Thanks a lot for your excellent coverage. I learned some things in your podcast about OD that I hadn’t heard yet!

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