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Friday - October 22nd, 2021

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 142 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 142. I begin the show by explaining a change in the weekly production and publication of the OTP because of my new full time job. Bottom line is that you should get each week’s new episode on Monday and occasionally on Tuesday when the Monday is a holiday – like this week for example. Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to getting the podcast out but it is a good problem to have – a full time job to work around. I also hit on apps and Windows Phone again because it always seems to be an issue and also mention the breaking news of upload file size limitations being removed for Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. Of course the normal collection of tech news and other items fill up the rest of the show. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 140 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 140. I start off today’s show commenting about the tragic news this week concerning Robin Williams and his death. He inspired my generation with many of the roles he played on TV and in the movies with his energetic and untiring comedic talent. It reminds us all that it is hard to know what it is like inside of depression and how difficult it is to ask for help. Take care of each other out there. On the tech side of things I discuss the following during this weeks show IBM PC is 33 years old this week, Microsoft jumps into 21st century with development, Windows in the Mobile First, Cloud First world, Booting to the desktop in Windows 8.1, Updating Windows has changed for good, Windows 8.1 August Updates, Control Panel on the Taskbar Tip, Microsoft makes gains in cloud battles with Amazon and Google, Cortana and the next version of Windows, Virtual Desktops and other Windows 9 Threshold features, Wi-Fi Issues on Surface Pro 3, Firmware updates for Surface hardware, Skype gets some free features that used to be paid only, Nokia 130 feature phone, Lumia Cyan firmware fixes battery drainage issues, Start Screen on Windows Phone 8.1 Update, Carriers and Windows Phone in their stores, Nokia Lumia 1520 32GB version dropped by ATT, 300K apps on Windows Phone store and coutning, OneNote continues to shine, GamesCon 2014 Xbox News, NextGen console wars, Kindle dead to new Xbox consoles, Amazon invites Kindle Publishers to join Hachette fight, Support Solutions for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Hyperlapse, 23 million Twitter bots, Comcast Customer Service takes another hit, Steve Ballmer now owns the LA Clippers, Telemarketer revenge and Dad builds coolest Mission Control and Spaceship for his kids. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 137 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 137. Has it really been nearly a month since my last show? As I was recording the podcast and mentioning missing a couple of shows I thought it had been about three weeks but Episode 136 was back on 25 July. No wonder it felt so good to be back in front of the mike talking to you about tech stuff! The unintended hiatus, which I explained on the show, also resulted in me taking a different approach to my list of items to talk about. You will find the volume of items is greatly reduced and I spent much more time on each area/story. I even strayed off while watching Twitter and discussed some breaking news stuff as well. Let me know what you think of the re-focusing of the shows format. Amongst the things discussed on the show Stopping Facebook’s automatic video playing, Microsoft as the challenger, Layoffs at Microsoft, 4th Quarter FY14 Microsoft Earnings report, Nokia acquisitions help and hurt on the big picture at Microsoft, Microsoft outselling Apple last quarter in the phone market, Lumia 530 announcement and Lumia 930 reviews, No Jen Taylor voiced Cortana outside of the US, Tracking the Cyan Windows Phone 8.1 Update, Xbox One/360 console sales, Surface Mini was shelved, What One Windows really means, Streamlining Xbox Music & Video and confirmation they are here to stay from Joe Belfiore, Cloud Booms at Microsoft, Office 365 subscriptions at 5.6 million now, OneDrive storage bumps for Office 365 subscribers and free users, Updated iOS and Windows Phone apps for OneDrive, Windows 8.1 update for OneDrive, Microsoft announces one big annual tradeshow, Microsoft bolsters consumer channels by grabbing Best Buy executive, Amazon Fire disappoints most reviewers, Microsoft brings Skype to Amazon Fire phone, Amazon Prime Music expands collection, YouTube head of music quits, Microsoft being sued by Nevada tech firm concerning patent licensing, Bing cast search tip, Free vs Paid vs Subscriptions when it comes to 3rd party apps, Tweetium arrives on Windows Phone, Official Microsoft Twitter account list and @HiddenCash on Twitter. Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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