It has been several months since we first heard the discussion around the idea of Microsoft Notepad moving into the Windows Store.

The benefits were more regular updates being possible without needing to wait for semi-annual operating system updates. However, after a few months of waiting for this to happen, Microsoft informed everyone last December that it would not actually be happening.

Since then nothing has been said publicly about the plans for Notepad and in fact, during the development of the Windows 10 May 2020 Update (formerly known as 20H1), Notepad did get some new features that will be made public when this update ships next month.

Well, apparently Microsoft has changed their minds on this once again because today Windows Notepad has shown up in the Windows Store.

Windows Notepad Listing in Windows Store

It has a new icon and is installed alongside legacy Notepad.

Notepad Icons

I keep a shortcut to Notepad on my Taskbar on Windows 10 and following installation of the Windows Store version, that icon was updated to open the freshly installed Store version.

Now that Windows Notepad is in the Windows Store, it certainly means more updates are possible because it is no longer tied to the OS’s development cycle.

I am just not sure how much you can do to Notepad at this point.

Note: It appears Windows Notepad can only be installed on Fast Ring devices running Windows 10 (vNext) right now.