Our friends over at OnMSFT noticed a new change with favorite syncing on the beta version of Edge on Android devices that breaks out sync to The new Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Edge Legacy.

When I grabbed my OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McClaren to check out this change, I also noticed another significant change with the Edge on Android user interface. It appears there is an entirely new control center style drawer available and it has customizeable shortcuts in the style of the Windows 10 Action Center.

To access the new interface, just open Edge on Android and tap the ellipsis menu (…) at the center of the new navigation bar at the bottom of the Edge screen.

From there you can drag and drop the various shortcuts to create your own customized UI. My initial testing indicates you can not change the layout of the main row of icons across the top of the pop-up drawer nor can you delete any of the other icons that are available.

My recommendation is to place your top shortcuts in the first row as that is the default display when you tap the ellipsis menu. Then lay out the others based on your preferences and they can be accessed with a swipe up of the drawer.

Shortcuts that are accessible in this new control center drawer include:

  • Web search
  • Home
  • New Tab
  • New InPrivate tab
  • Add to favorites
  • Find on page
  • Voice search
  • Desktop site
  • Download page
  • Print
  • Add to screen
  • Image search
  • Read aloud
  • Continue on PC
  • Exit browser
  • View reading list
  • Send feedback

The main icons across the top row include:

  • Favorites
  • History
  • Downloads
  • Shopping
  • Settings

Edge on Android Control Center Screenshots

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