Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Faith, Tech, and Space PODCAST.

I have been working on this new podcast for the last few months and am ready to get the first episode recorded. Not only will I get the opportunity to explain the concept of this show to you in this episode, but just getting it published will let me check out all the digital plumbing to make sure the pieces are connected properly for distribution. It will take some time to get this show on all the platforms that my previous podcast, Observed Tech, was listed on but that is a normal part of the process when establishing a new show. By the way, that means a few links might be broken as we get things rolling. Your patience is very much appreciated while we get everything sorted out.

After explaining the premise of this show from the faith perspective, the tech and space content will catch us up on the latest for Microsoft, SpaceX, and Boeing.

Among some of the topics will be updates about the latest builds in the Windows and Microsoft Edge Insider Programs and the release of the November 2019 Update for Windows 10. On the space side of things, we will catch up on the latest around commercial crew for both of the front runners – SpaceX and Boeing – with details about their latest testing and future launch attempts in that area.

So thanks for tuning in and giving a listen to Faith, Tech, and Space as we begin this unique journey.


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Date Published: 17 November 2019

Format: MP3, 128KBPS

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