Earlier, I shared some screenshots of an update to the Your Phone app on Windows 10 that is now showing the screen mirroring preview option in a recent app update. 

Across all of my bare metal devices, both test and production machines running Windows 10 (19H1) Build 18362.30, I have the same version of the app (1.19031.64.0), but I am only seeing the screen mirroring option on three of the devices.

On my main desktop and Surface Book (OG), the phone and PC will not connect due to incompatible Bluetooth. I have some new low energy Bluetooth dongles arriving tomorrow to see if they will allow the devices to connect.

However, on my HP Spectre x360 (15) bare metal test device, after a few hiccups along the way to make the connection, I have the screen mirroring feature up and running with the Galaxy S9+.

You can take a look at what the screenshots of the mirrored phone look like to get a visual but let me share a few observations:

  • The access and speed of the mirroring is impressive and near instantaneous.
  • Mouse and keyboard work just fine although the scrolling speed is sensitive and fast. An adjustment here would be very helpful. The mouse clicks are single clicks – just like the single tap it takes on the device to access and open apps.
  • The size of the mirrored screen on the Spectre x360 and its 15 inch screen is just slightly larger than the actual physical phone when I place it against the screen image. It will be interesting to test this on my huge widescreen monitor on the main desktop when the new Bluetooth dongles arrive to see if it scales.
  • The HP Spectre x360 (15) is a touch screen device but touch does not work within the Your Phone app to control/interact with your phone.
  • I have the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier which is normally paired to my phone via Bluetooth. When Your Phone wants to connect to the phone, the connection with the Gear S3 is dropped. I guess it needs that bandwidth.
  • Of note, if the last thing you did in Your Phone was mirror your screen, then the next time you open up the Your Phone app, it will immediately begin connecting to your screen. I intend to recommend feedback to the Your Phone Team to change that default behavior to not taking the action but letting the user select their interaction choice instead.
  • Did I mention how fast the experience is?

I am looking forward to trying this on other devices once I get the Bluetooth upgraded on them. We now have a very good reason to put Bluetooth on our desktop machines if they don’t already have it in place.

Your Phone App Screen Mirroring Screenshots

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