This week Microsoft released an update to their Xbox Insider Hub app that is available for both Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One consoles. This app is used to communicate Xbox Insider program updates, various quests, and early access to features and games when testing pre-release builds of the Xbox One’s console operating system.

The change made this week to the Xbox Insider Hub app provides a path for participants to remove their Xbox Insider account and its related data. Obviously, this option is handy once you are done with the program and no longer plan to test pre-release builds for the Xbox One console. It provides you the option to export all of the data in the Xbox Insider program relating to your account and then complete remove that data from Microsoft’s servers.

I suspect this is likely a step that has been added to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That European law requires companies to provide the means for users to request the retrieval and deletion of their data upon request.

Note: Even though you might be using your Microsoft Account (MSA) as your Xbox Insider account, this process only applies to your Xbox Insider account and its related data. Your MSA remains intact with all of its other associated account and services data.

Here is how you use the new account and data removal option:

  1. Open the Xbox Insider Hub on either Windows 10 or Xbox One.
  2. Select Settings in the sidebar menu.
  3. Select Manage account in the sidebar menu of the next page.
  4. You have two options from this settings page:
    1. Export your data. This will take you to Microsoft’s Privacy Portal to request the data be exported. Just follow the steps on the portal website.
    2. Close Account. You will be asked to verify this step and also shown the consequences of requesting its closure.

Just verify you understand by toggling the checkbox next to I understand and then clock Close account to complete the action.

My recommendation is that you export your data if you really want it first and then take the final step of closing the account.

Once you select to close the account the following data relating to the Xbox Insider program will be deleted and this action can not be undone:

  • XP Points
  • Survey responses
  • Problem reports

As I mentioned earlier, your Xbox account remains open and active and your profile remains on the console. If you are running an Xbox Insider build you will also need to return the console to the retail release channel.

You can see the entire sequence of the above process in the screenshot gallery below.

Xbox Insider Account Closure Screenshots

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