One of my favorite features of Windows 10 is the integrated sharing options that are available throughout the operating system.

Microsoft has expanded that capability over the 3 1/2 years since Windows 10 was released but the only web browser that supported the native sharing process in the OS was Microsoft Edge.

Earlier this summer, a third party developer added support for Timeline via a web browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome but nothing has happened in regards to native sharing in Windows 10.

This week, as noted by OnMSFT with the release of Version 64 of the Firefox Quantum web browser, Mozilla has now added the Windows 10 sharing integration directly into their browser. No need for any third party add-ins or other hacks to use this handy feature.

Although I use Edge as my primary browser on Windows 10, I am often in Firefox and Chrome for certain sites as I work. This addition to Firefox will now allow us to share websites to other apps and parts of the OS without needing to take the extra steps of copying and pasting the URL into Edge just to share a site link.

The sharing menu is accessible once you are visiting a website and have the ellipsis (…) menu available at the far right side of the address bar. Click on that for the drop down, find Share and then click that to open the familiar Windows 10 sharing dialog.

If you want to save a click or two, just follow that same process as noted for accessing the sharing option but before clicking on the Share entry, just right click and select Add to address bar. That will add an icon for sharing to the address bar for quick access.

See the images in the gallery below for details on that process. I also included two large format screenshots comparing the sharing dialog to OneNote and what those shared items look like inside of OneNote. You will notice that content shared from Edge has much richer results including images and linked titles versus the very plain shares from Firefox.

OK Chrome – your turn to add this to the browser!

Mozilla Firefox Quantum Version 64 with Native Sharing on Windows 10

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