We have a pretty extensive collection of themes and wallpaper packages here at WindowsObserver in our downloads area and we have written about the various themes that are available for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store over the years.

However, there is one resource for wallpapers that has just gotten a huge refresh and a new look based on the Fluent Design principles announced by Microsoft last year. It is also full of images with NinjaCat, T-Rex and the Microsoft gaming platform.

Perfect for a Microsoft fan/nerd.

This newly unveiled site, called the WallpaperHub.app, is built and maintained by my fellow Windows Insiders MVP Michael Gillett. He is the creative mind not only behind the site but of all the wallpaper images you see listed on the site. He has an eye for graphics/images that really pop as wallpaper plus he is pretty good with a graphics editor.

As you will see in the screenshot gallery below, the site is laid out nicely and gives you options to view wallpapers by tags such as Surface, Xbox, Windows, Ninja Cat, and Azure. In addition he has created a handful of collections around Ninja Cat, Conferences, Surface and Xbox.

The site provides a wide variety of sizes for different screen resolutions if possible and takes requests if you are looking for a unique wallpaper.

So be sure and go visit the WallpaperHub.App and check out Michael’s superb offerings.

P.S. The website even has a Dark Mode toggle – look for it in the upper right hand corner of the site.

Wallpaper Hub Screenshots Gallery