As the number of devices proliferate that allow us to connect our home and make it smart/smarter, getting hands on with these type of accessories can help us understand what is possible.

I have tested numerous iClever devices over the years and have found them to be reliable and robust. In addition, the company provides solid customer service along the way as you use their devices/accessories.

Known for their chargers, speakers, keyboards, headphones and similar devices they now provide multiple options for smart plugs that can help you automate some aspects of your home.

I recently had the opportunity to try out two of their BoostSmart series of smart plugs – the IC-BS08 and the IC-BS11.

These are not unlike any other smart plug on the market and they both provide control options but common to most iClever smart plugs no hub is required to control the devices. Some of their other specs include:

  • App based control using Smart Life app on Android and iOS
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Timing or countdown based activation
  • Device sharing among family members for control purposes
  • IFTTT compatible.
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

The IC-BS11 smart plugs also have an integrated LED night light that can be used to illuminate areas of your home at night for safety and visibility.

Set up of these plugs are easy through the Smart Life app including setting them up as part of specific rooms and scenes. This allows you to control them individually or as part of a single voice command to say turn on the living room lights.

With the timing control you can set these up on a schedule to switch various lights on and off in your home when you area way to give it an occupied look.

The IFTTT Smart Life integration allows you to automate when these plugs are activated based on your local sunset, bedtime, when you leave your home or activate them at a specified time. The amount of flexibility that is possible through this functionality is quite extensive.

If you are just starting your smart home journey, it makes sense to explore one ecosystem to simplify the setup and control of your devices. iClever provides enough options with their various smart plugs and other control devices through the Smart Life app to make them a serious contender in this area.

The iClever IC-BS08 and IC-BS11 both retail through Amazon for $26.99 per pair.

Note: These devices were provided by iClever for this review.

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