Welcome to Episode 273 of Observed Tech.

In this week’s show we have all kinds of new stuff to discuss including the latest with the Redstone 5 development branch and a new milestone that was reached this week as we approach the release of the sixth feature update for Windows 10.

Then we get to talk new hardware. First from a Microsoft perspective as the company is ready to Go as they unveil their smallest Surface device ever. No, it is not called Surface Andromeda either but we do have some news around Andromeda in this show.

Next is Apple who quietly announced a refresh to their hardware lineup in an effort to give customers some new choices when it comes to specs and address the acknowledged sticky keyboard problem that has plagued their last set of devices. Be aware – the sticker shock on their high-end offerings is heavy-duty!

Then from a software and services perspective we discuss the launch of the free version of Microsoft Teams and the general availability of Microsoft Whiteboard.  This release of Microsoft Teams for free is a direct competitor to Slack in the world of collaboration tools but it will take a while to see how the competition moves forward.

Of course, we have all kinds of other news throughout the show so be sure to keep listening right until the end.

As always enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

Date Produced: 15 July 2018

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Notes: All of this episodes show links are available at the WindowsObserver WiKi – Show Links for Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 273

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