Late last Friday afternoon here on the East Coast, at 5 PM to be exact, Microsoft pushed out a rare Friday build to its army of Windows Insiders testing Redstone 5.

Build 17711, the 7-11 build as it was teased by one member of the Insider team, kept us from going another week without a new build. Considering Wednesday was a national holiday here in the United States, I guess it just took that extra day to get the build ready for flighting.

The continued theme of adding new enhancements and tweaks to Microsoft Edge continued in this build with the addition of new themes for Reading View, Line Focus to highlight sets of lines as you read, a new consent dialog for saving form data and some PDF toolbar to bring it up just by hovering your mouse at the top of the document.

More Fluent Design elements, in this build shadows around drop down menus, were added to help those elements stand out. There is a new Windows Settings page for controlling HD Color on your monitor as you view HDR or 4K content on compatible displays. Finally, there is a new addition to the Registry Editor that uses a form of auto-complete as you type in a registry location in the apps address bar.

One of the first things I do after a new upgrade to my bare metal devices is to check the Microsoft Store for app related updates. That proved to be challenging due to a bug with the “…” menu in that app and several other inbox apps.

Turns out that the area you must hover your mouse to highlight and move between those menu items is located off to the left in the app. In some cases it is a very short distance away but in some it resides all the way across the screen.

This item was written up very quickly and all of the related bugs were pulled together by a Microsoft Software Engineer into a single collection. If you are seeing this bug then you can add your upvote to the collection which already has almost 340 votes as of this post.

Apparently discussions have occurred within the Windows Engineering team and a fix could be in the next flight. In the interim you can use your mouse over on the left side of the screen to access the items in these menus or just use your keyboard.

Enjoy the build and be sure to check out this week’s Observed Tech PODCAST as I spend some time talking about the past, present and future of the Windows Insider Program.

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