Welcome to Episode 272 of Observed Tech.

Today’s show is going to feel just a little bit different because I am going to talk about the upcoming three year anniversary of the release of Windows 10 back in July 2015. The journey to this three year mark has not been without both successes and hiccups and I will talk about the various milestones that we have seen in that time frame.

We will go back down memory lane and talk about the beginning of the Windows Insider Program. The five feature updates that have already been released for Windows 10, the features that have been added to the operating system that make it better, the ones that either have not quite made it to a final build or are still being worked to be there, and the enhancements that make the OS more productive overall.

After that stroll down memory lane, I spend some time talking about the current iteration of the Windows Insider Program and some ideas I have that could help with the overall testing of future feature updates. Stability has been a challenge over the last few feature updates and I think a slight shift in the testing approach might just help remedy some of those issues.

We do talk about the latest release in the Windows 10 Redstone 5 development branch and a particular bug that is hitting a lot of testers. However, I am happy to say the process is working and the bug is already on Microsoft’s radar and being addressed.

Finally, I talk about some new hardware rumors relating to Microsoft’s Surface hardware line and the reactions to recent reports that a certain hardware device might be in limbo. The show wraps up with some Xbox and security headlines.

So, as always, enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

Date Produced: 08 July 2018

Length: 54:25

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Notes: All of this episodes show links are available at the WindowsObserver WiKi – Show Links for Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 272

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