It has taken nearly a full year but the iTunes software is finally available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

The initial announcement was made last year at BUILD 2017 in Seattle during one of the keynotes. Of course, it caused quite a reaction across the attendees and on social media. Cats lying with dogs and all that stuff!

Then things went quiet and we did not hear much of anything else about iTunes and Windows 10. Towards the end of 2017 there were whispers that the software might be close and released before the end of the year – that did not happen either.

Now, just 10 days away from the beginning of BUILD 2018 and the anniversary of the announcement it has come to fruition. Microsoft officially announced the release on their official Windows Blog yesterday.

The iTunes software is a Centennial app built with the Desktop Bridge that also helped Microsoft deliver their Office 365 software suite to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. For those who are using Windows 10 S this is a significant step because without this app being in the Microsoft Store they would not be able to install iTunes to manage their iOS devices or listen to Apple Music.

According to a few comments I saw after its release, it apparently supports Live Tiles, Jump Lists, and track change notifications.

Of course, as one of my fellow Microsoft MVP’s commented yesterday on Twitter, one simple click cleanly uninstalls iTunes from your Windows 10 device now thanks to how Windows 10 handles store apps.

The iTunes app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store in all eligible regions.

iTunes on Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store