Microsoft released the mobile version of their Edge browser to Android and iOS users back in October.

There have been a couple of updates since then to address bugs and other performance issues however, updates released for both platforms over the last week have added new features/enhancements to the mobile versions of Microsoft’s browser.

On Android the following items are listed as additions with the 27 November update:

  • Password syncing: Your passwords in Microsoft Edge are synced across your devices, so no matter the device, you can always get the passwords you saved.
  • Dark theme: Just like in Windows 10, personalize Microsoft Edge by switching to the beautiful new dark theme – perfect for low-light conditions such as working at night.

Last week the update for iOS included the two above items and some additional tweaks:

  • Sign in– You should be able to sign in now and with the added layer of security using two- factor authentication, you will be able to sync your passwords.
  • Battery usage optimization: some of you told us that your phone heats up or otherwise consumes more battery when you use Edge. We looked under the hood and found a few optimizations. Let us know if you continue to experience high battery consumption.
  • Improved left/right swiping to go back and forth between pages.
  • Added support for actions and activities extensions, such as sharing sites, saving sites to Notes, adding sites to Pocket, etc.
  • Dark theme – try it out in Settings.
  • Fixed a bunch of other bugs!

I updated the app on Android this morning and on the first run following the update install you are prompted to sign in and authenticate with your Microsoft Account so that passwords can begin syncing with the mobile version of Edge. After that was done, I was prompted to grant permission for Edge to track my browsing history to enhance my user experience.

I suspect this is also tied into the upcoming Windows Timeline feature in the next major update for Windows 10, currently being tested under the code name Redstone 4 (RS4), to facilitate picking up activities between devices as you work within your ecosystem of devices.

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