Welcome to Episode 234 of Observed.Tech.

We start off with an update about builds for this past week for Windows Insiders, one mobile update and nothing for desktops, and some interesting information about the under the hood update/upgrade process for Windows 10.

I then discuss another update for unsupported Windows operating systems XP and Vista, how Microsoft is adding even more products to their rapid release cycle of two feature updates per year, and Intel’s concern about Microsoft emulating x86 on devices that will run Windows 10 on ARM so that desktop software will run on these battery efficient devices.

I also cover some more Xbox/E3 news, the lifted review embargo for Surface Laptop and Surface Pro hardware, and a handful of other interesting articles about various technologies.

As always enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

Date Produced: 18 June 2017

Length: 41:21

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