Many gamers will be excited about this news and others will be frustrated.

Mike Ybarra, the Partner Director of Program Management, Xbox and Windows Platform at Microsoft shared on his Twitter account not long ago that the Windows 10 Xbox One Preview (NXOE) should be shipped to everyone who has opted into the program within the next 24 hours.

The engineers on the Xbox One team have been hitting it hard lately with two major updates landing on Xbox One consoles in the last week alone.

I have been in the Windows 10 Preview now for about 8 days and the progress from that first build I received until last night’s update is quite amazing. It is much faster and a far cleaner looking interface. Start up from Instant On is unreal fast as well.

Now – there is a list of issues as long as I am tall with the latest build and it could have a direct impact on how you use your Xbox One. So before opting in make sure you review that list of known issues.

The other caveat that will make some Xbox One users frustrated is that in order to opt into the New Xbox One Experience you must already be in the normal Xbox One Preview program. You might recall that Microsoft stopped allowing people into that preview program a few weeks ago when the NXOE hit the console. They did this to manage the volume of preview users. I have invited several people over the last few weeks and I am not aware that any of them have made it into the standard preview program up to this point.

However, it does not hurt to try so everything is ready for when they do open things up. So if you want to add me on Xbox Live, my Gamertag is WinObs over there, and I will certainly float an invite to Microsoft on your behalf.

The NXOE is expected to be available to all Xbox One consoles in November of this year.