Welcome to Episode 175 of Observed Tech.

I kick off this show by telling you a little about the Geeks Network which is the new home for this podcast and thanking the TechPodcasts Network for all their support since the early days of this endeavor.

There is still plenty of Windows 10 news to discuss and ponder as Microsoft released new builds for both desktop and mobile in the last week. We have also seen new Universal Windows Platform apps that have arrived on Windows 10 and I talk about what that might mean for the app ecosystem on both sides of the platform.

Of course still more hardware to talk about as well with the Lumia 950XL’s mysteriously being pulled from the shelves at Microsoft Stores, a Lumia 550 feature video and another one all about Continuum.

There is also the subject of another week and another Windows 10 build being leaked. This one is 10568 and it supposedly introduces some interesting elements relating to choosing your defaults in the OS.

I then close this episode out by discussing a petition directed at Microsoft to allow users more control and give them more info about updates for their systems and then share my concerns about whether I can move back to Windows 10 Mobile from Android after six months on the platform.

There are also other tidbits scattered throughout so until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

Date Produced: 19 October 2015

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