This info was shared through my social media channels yesterday but I also wanted to come back here and write about this terrific news.

First though I must say thanks to everyone who replied back on Twitter and Facebook with their congratulations and well wishes.  I am blessed to be part of such a great community and it is because of your support and engagement that I get to write and share information each day and for that I am grateful.

So I am sure many of you have already heard that Paul Thurrott is leaving the SuperSite for Windows and starting a new site at That site is scheduled to open for business on the 17th of January but you can go ahead and visit that link to sign up for what will be a daily newsletter he will publish starting next week.  I subscribed to follow him because I have been on a newsletter mailing from Paul for nearly 20 years and, like many of you, I appreciate his insight into areas of technology that are on my watch list.

As Paul leaves the SuperSite there are changes that will be happening with it as detailed in a blog post by Marcia Parker, the Executive Director of Penton Technology. In case you were unaware the SuperSite for Windows is one of Penton’s technology properties.

SuperSite for Windows will continue to cover the Microsoft eco-system as well as their competitors’ products and services. You’ll get the news, insights, commentary and community you’ve counted on to keep you informed. And you’ll see several new features and contributing writers in the months ahead.

It is that last sentence from Marcia’s quote above that brings me into the story and allows me an opportunity to become part of the legacy and history of the SuperSite for Windows as I have been signed on to become a regular contributor to the new SuperSite for Windows.

As our readers know well, there’s a profound transformation underway in the information technology industry as the cloud, the Internet of Things, and surging demand for ways to manage and harness the rapidly growing and dizzying array of Internet-connected devices reshape almost every aspect our work and home lives. You’re using and managing all of this business technology every day, confronting both the opportunities and challenges as consumers and in the workplace.

It is this transformation in technology that I will be writing and sharing with you about at the site as I begin contributing next week.

As for and the Observed Tech PODCAST they will continue as they have for the past 20 years (4 1/2 years for the podcast) as I begin making these contributions to the SuperSite for Windows.  Since the focus of the content will be different I plan to continue posting in both locations for now.

Of course, I will still be present on Twitter using my @WinObs account but you can also add the new SuperSite for Windows Twitter account (@SSforWindows) which will be sharing content from the site as well.

One additional way to keep up with the content I contribute at the SuperSite is to keep an eye on my author page over there at

So thanks again for all of your comments and well wishes and I look forward to a new level of interaction and discussions over at the SuperSite.