Funny how timing can work isn’t it?

Just a couple of days ago Brad Sams from wrote about the lack of updates for Microsoft Band since its surprise release over two months ago.

Someone in Redmond may have been listening, or it is more likely a coincidence, but this morning the Microsoft Health app on Windows Phone received an update and that update included a firmware/software update for the Microsoft Band itself.

The new Build Number for Microsoft Band is 1.1.2110.0 09 R however, there are no notes to indicate what might have changed on the Band side.

According to the changelog for the Microsoft Health app on Windows Phone this update provides General App fixes and improvements which could mean just about anything.

So once you install the update to the Microsoft Health app on your Windows Phone just open up the app and you will be prompted to update your Band as well once they begin their normal sync routine.


When you hit the OK button the app and your Band will connect and begin the update process.  My Band restarted once during this process.

wp_ss_20150107_0003 wp_ss_20150107_0004 wp_ss_20150107_0005

Following the update your Band will restart one last time and tapping the Next button will return you to the app.

Although there are no notes to say what was changed in the Band software itself I must admit the interface does feel more responsive.

Note: You apparently need to keep the Band and your phone very close during this update process or it will fail. It appears to need a solid connection to transfer the data/update. Thanks to my friend @LocalJoost for this heads up.

Have you noticed anything after updating your app and the Band?