That light at the end of the Windows 8/8.1 tunnel is Windows 9 aka Threshold and it is roaring towards us.

The writing was on the proverbial wall when Windows 8 came out and it was heavily panned by a good part of the tech press.  Even with the improvements that were added in Windows 8.1, which made the system even more palatable to keyboard and desktop users, usage has moved forward very slowly.

So the reality is that Microsoft needs to move on from  from Windows 8/8.1 which is why we are seeing the technical preview of Windows 9 Threshold being made available at the end of September – less than two years after the initial release of Windows 8.

Expectations are that Windows 9 will be publicly available in April 2015 which means the next version of Windows will be out well before the previous one is even three years old.

Pretty amazing.

Here is some of the latest news and information about Windows 9 Threshold:

So will you make the leap to Windows 9 when it comes out?

Will you upgrade to Windows 9?

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