We continue to see Microsoft change their development processes and speed of iteration for their products and services on a regular basis. Even the way we see updates for the Windows operating system changed significantly this past week.

One element of this new process is to solicit feedback on those products and services from users and the general public. Microsoft still uses a system called Connect which was launched back in 2005 and has identified 90,000 bugs in Microsoft software and implemented over 7,000 product suggestions and ideas.

Connect is still a valuable tool for Microsoft to get that type of feedback but more recently they have really embraced UserVoice as a primary feedback channel as they undertake their new rapid update cycle on most everything they produce.

I did a little digging in Bing and found the following UserVoice sites for various Microsoft products and services available for feedback from you the user.

Some of these portals have had little to no feedback while others have an overwhelming number of recommendations listed. Others are quite dated and have had no input for some time now and are possibly abandoned due to a lack of input/feedback. I will leave it to you to click in on your favorite items and engage the development team to see how responsive they are these days.

Microsoft UserVoice Portals:

Did I miss any sites? Please list them in the comments so we can update the list.