Tom Grissom (@TomGrissom)  is someone I have been connected to on Twitter for some time now.

He is the director of the Eastern Illinois University Instructional Technology Center (EIU-ITC) and is really out in front in trying to make technology work for educators, faculty, students and alumni at Eastern Illinois.

Anything I see relating to education and technology I make sure to mention it to him on Twitter as he always seems to be on top of the latest news in that industry and provides great feedback/commentary.

As part of his leadership at the EIU-ITC they have implemented a few different outreach channels to help anyone involved in education or just trying to make technology work.

  • ITC Chronicles Blog – provides readers a fresh perspective on new and innovative technologies by exploring practical uses for the classroom and beyond.
  • TechTalk4Teachers – a podcast that has a world-wide audience with listeners in over 120 different countries.
  • EIUITC YouTube Channel – provides many examples of “flipped learning style” videos for convenient and timely on-demand professional development opportunities.

It is from that last channel that I want to highlight two videos about Miracast, the technology that allows you to wirelessly transmit your video signal to other displays, in which Tom shares the trials and challenges of using Miracast and the benefits of this technology for educators.

However, like I said earlier, this information is great for anyone who wants to implement Miracast in their home or work.

Using Miracast Wireless Display with the Windows 8.1 Update

Basics of Miracast – Wireless Video Display for Teachers & Presenters