Today’s update to Brandon Paddock’s very popular Tweetium Twitter client, which is still in beta on Windows Phone 8.1, received its first voice based tweet composition features.

Here is a breakdown of how you can ask Cortana to start a tweet for you:

  • “Tweetium Tweet”
  • “Tweetium Post”
  • “Tweetium Status”
  • “Tweetium Update”
  • “Tweetium New Tweet”

Just push and hold the search button on your Windows Phone 8.1 device and use any of the above five phrases and follow it with the content of your tweet.

For example:

“Tweetium New Tweet testing voice integration”


Once Cortana recognizes the command she will open Tweetium for Windows Phone and place the tweet content in a compose box.


At this point if you need to edit the tweet you can or just tap the Tweet button to send it out.