A new document was made available yesterday at the Microsoft Download Center that provides a summary of the top 10 reasons why enterprise organizations can trust Microsoft’s services and offerings in the cloud.

Microsoft has been providing cloud services for years and has consistently worked to understand customers’ concerns and requirements in order to develop solutions that include robust privacy and security features. Microsoft’s enterprise cloud services — Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Azure — incorporate industry leading privacy protection, security safeguards and regulatory compliance features, because we prioritize the privacy, security and compliance needs of our customers. This document summarizes the top ten reasons that enterprise organizations trust Microsoft cloud services because of our commitment to security, privacy, and compliance.

Here are those top 10 reasons summarized from the document:

  1. Transparency – We share our commitments and information on privacy topics on the Microsoft Trust Centers.
  2. Data privacy and security – Microsoft incorporates world-class privacy and security features in our enterprise cloud services.
  3. Continuous compliance – Our cloud solutions address a variety of important regulatory and compliance considerations.
  4. Contract terms, SLA performance, and freedom to choose – Our enterprise cloud contract terms provide clarity to help you be confident in our cloud solutions.
  5. Microsoft is an industry leader – Microsoft is the first and only cloud provider to receive validation from privacy authorities across Europe that our enterprise cloud contracts are consistent with European Union data privacy requirements.
  6. Thousands of satisfied customers – We have earned the trust of companies worldwide of all sizes and across all industries.
  7. Our in-house legal team uses Office 365 – The Microsoft legal team, comprised of more than 1,100 professionals based in 55 countries, uses Office 365 on a daily basis for greater collaboration, productively, and agility.
  8. Our stance regarding government access to data – A recent report from the well-respected Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) rates the practices of leading online services providers in connection with government access to user data. Microsoft received six stars in this report – the highest rating possible from the EFF.
  9. Positive legal ethics opinions – Eighteen U.S. states say it’s OK for lawyers and law firms to use cloud technology, as long as they take reasonable care and perform proper due diligence.
  10. Our people and our data centers – Throughout the entire sales cycle – from contract to deployment and migration – you have access to a broad and deeply experienced team of professionals. The backbone of our cloud solutions are our worldwide data centers. Customers can tour our data centers to see firsthand our powerful cloud computing environment and the depth of the security and operational measures employed to secure customer data.

Although this list focuses on Enterprise customers many of those top 10 reasons can also be applied to the consumer side of Microsoft cloud services and making  a case for why you can trust Microsoft’s cloud offerings as well..

You can download the list which contains further links to information from Microsoft pertaining to each of the items on the above list.

Source: Top 10 reasons to trust Microsoft in the cloud (PDF, 2 pages, 281KB)