Yesterday we started our week of themes for your favorite computing devices and we kicked you off with the Beach In HDR package.

Today we present to you our next theme in this week’s offering which are all flowers from my wife’s garden – with a touch of High Dynamic Range post editing.

Flowers in HDR

DSC_6672And2more_tonemapped DSC_6676And2more_tonemapped
DSC_6699And2more_tonemapped DSC_6702And2more_tonemapped
DSC_6703And2more_tonemapped DSC_6705And2more_tonemapped
DSC_6708And2more_tonemapped DSC_6711And2more_fused
DSC_6713And2more_fused DSC_6714And2more_tonemapped

Download Flowers in HDR Windows 8 DeskThemepack

Download Flowers in HDR Wallpaper Pack