What a busy day so far.

First we find out a little detail that Windows Phone 8.1 was definitely coming out today as a developer preview.

Then an hour later the switch was flipped and we had the update available for download to Windows Phone users around the world.

Twitter subsequently went off the charts with with Windows Phone users detailing the update process and sharing screenshots as they discovered new features etc.

I must admit it has been a fun day of exploration and discovery and there is a lot to find positive in Windows Phone 8.1.

Of course, shortly after the download went live it appeared that the review embargo also lifted and major tech sites began sharing their viewpoints on the major update to Windows Phone.

And yes, including cNet who managed to fit the words falls short on app selection into their review headline. Really?

Anyway – I went around the web and collected all of the reviews of Windows Phone 8.1 I could find to bring you a nice clean list for your reading pleasure.


“Cortana, What’s the best mobile phone?”