Many sites have already mentioned the x86 and x64 downloads for Windows 8.1 Update are available to MSDN subscribers for download but what I have not seen is Windows RT being mentioned.

Well let me be one of the first to let you know that I discovered the ARM based download on MSDN went I logged in to grab the x64 bits for my machines.


So if you own a Surface or Surface 2 running Windows RT and have an MSDN subscription you can also download the Windows 8.1 Update for your devices.

Make sure you read the included text file that stipulates the order for installing the six included updates.

Here is that recommended install order for quick reference:

  1. KB2919442
  2. KB2919355
  3. KB2932046
  4. KB2937592
  5. KB2938439
  6. KB2949621

This link will take you to the main download page after you log in –

After installing the update on my Surface 2 I noticed a missing icon up by my username in the upper right hand corner of the Start Screen:

Screenshot (296)

As you can see no Power icon next to the search one. I suspect that is because Windows RT does not deal with power in the same manner as we do on our desktop and laptops.

Does anyone know for sure why it is not placed there?