Although news of this removal first hit sites last fall it appears the action is finally going to happen soon based on a recent email to existing users.

According to the email this move is part of the continued work to improve the Skype chat experience on

When you chat in via Facebook, Google Talk, or Skype, a copy of your chat history is saved in the Messaging history folder. As part of adding Skype to, chat history will now appear in the Messaging pane, and the Messaging history folder will be removed. Your existing history will not be migrated, but you can save your chat history.

If you are not worried about keeping your chat history on then there is no action required on your part. When the folder is moved to the Messaging Pane it will start a fresh collection of chats.

Now, if saving your past chat history is important to you then take the following steps to place it in another folder that will be unaffected by these changes:

  1. In, right-click Folders, and then click Add a new folder.
  2. Enter a name for the folder and press the Enter key.
  3. Click Messaging history, and then click the check box at the very top of your message list.
  4. Click Select everything.
  5. Right-click any message and then click Move.
  6. Select the folder you want to move your messages to, and then click Move.

You should probably do this sooner rather than later to insure you keep your chat history.