As I have discussed before I curate a lot of tech links to Twitter each day to share items of interest in the tech news arena and Buffer allows me to control the pace at which those links are shared.

I have been an Awesome Plan subscriber for some time which allows me greater freedom in managing what I share on Twitter.  I switched to that plan from the free option because of that flexibility and freedom.

The big difference in the two plans that impacted me is the ability to queue up an unlimited number of items to the service under the Awesome Plan.

Over this past weekend I was doing some account maintenance and discovered that I was unable to post more than 10 entries for my Twitter feed and so I went in search of a solution/answer.

What I found out was that my Awesome Plan subscription had stopped after December 2013.  Apparently I had only been sharing a max of 10 items at a time since January 1st because my payment method, PayPal, was no longer an accepted option with Buffer.

I have no issue with that itself but I was never notified that my subscription had stopped, was changed, etc.

So I took to Twitter, as many typically do these days, and tweeted about my discovery:

After a Twitter and email exchange everything was sorted out with Buffer offering me an apology concerning the subscription change and not notifying me about it.

That along with an offer to reinstate my three lost months into my recently renewed Awesome Plan would have been more than enough however, Buffer took it one step further and provided a solution that reflects in the companies number one value.

Always Choose Positivity and Happiness

After finding out that I have had a Buffer account since the early days of the service I was given a Lifetime Loyalty discount for future subscriptions and they applied that discount to my recently renewed Awesome Plan.

My response to the unexpected solution was sent via Twitter today just like my initial concern was this past weekend:

Once again – well done Buffer and thank you very much!

These guys know how to do social media right and there are a few companies who should look at how they do it and take notes.