Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Communications, shared a video recently that takes a visual journey through 2013 for the company.

It highlights how Microsoft has begun a significant transformation in the way it provides devices and services to its customers.

In the post, over at the Official Microsoft Blog, he reflects on how those services tie things together for him and how he uses tech on the job and at home:

But what I took note of at the end of that day was how the technology I used kept up with me, enabling me to make the most of any moment I was in. It didn’t matter whether the moment was personal, professional, at home or in a hotel, driving a car or riding in a plane, working alone, or with a team.

It kept pace seamlessly and never made me think about what context I was in or make me change identities. The technology I used just followed me throughout the day, making every part of it easier, richer, more productive.

That’s because I use stuff made by a company that doesn’t see me simply as a Venn diagram of distinct market segments, but rather as a whole person. Microsoft, since its founding, has always made technology for people. People who do a wide variety of things throughout their day and would like a set of tools that can do the same. So, as I navigated my day, my devices adapted with me as I moved between personal, professional and social contexts. I didn’t have to switch platforms when I toggled between consumption, creation and collaboration activities. I wasn’t forced to manage multiple ecosystems, understand different UI’s and become the systems integrator of my own tech.

This next year should be a very interesting one for Microsoft as we see a new CEO and the continued transition to a full blown device and services company.