The Windows Phone developer community is a strong and dedicated one.

It is because of this dedicated community that we have great third party apps for many companies and services who have never delivered their own official apps for Windows Phone.

Or in some cases published a half baked attempt at an official app. Yes, I am talking about you Instagram.

Anyway, I use Buffer heavily to curate my links to Twitter and have been looking for a tool to also manage those links when I am mobile and only have my Windows Phone available.

Today I found that app – Infinite Buffer for Windows Phone.

The developer makes it very clear that this is not an official app on the app description page in the Windows Phone store but it could very well be the official app based on how well they have implemented the service in it.


wp_ss_20131224_0002 wp_ss_20131224_0003
wp_ss_20131224_0004 wp_ss_20131224_0005
wp_ss_20131224_0006 wp_ss_20131224_0012
wp_ss_20131224_0009 wp_ss_20131224_0010
wp_ss_20131224_0008 wp_ss_20131224_0011

The app sells for $1.99 but it is also offered with an ad-free unlimited trial at no cost.

I will be purchasing the app based on my initial impressions because it gives me a service while on the move I really want to use plus the app is well made.  Less than $2 for that is a huge value for me and it encourages developers to continue to innovate and bring us great apps on the Windows Phone platform.