There are many Twitter apps in the Windows Store, in fact you might call it a graveyard of sorts for Twitter Apps.

Ever since Twitter started squeezing out third party developers for their own apps it has become a wasteland of apps that do not get updated very often.  There is an official modern style Twitter App in the Windows Store and many do like it however, it leaves a lot to be desired if you are a very active Twitter user.

Well developer Brandon Paddock (@BrandonLive on Twitter) of B-Side Software has been working hard on a modern Twitter App for Windows called Tweetium. His intent was to try and stir up the pond a little bit and deal with some of the stagnation.

I have been beta testing Tweetium for several weeks now and it has been a great experience seeing a different twist on how to use Twitter.

In fact, for the last three days I have been exclusively using Tweetium since it reached the Release Candidate stage. Throughout the entire beta leading to version 1 there have been almost 50 builds to tweak the interface and functionality in the app.

Brandon will also be the first one to tell you that he focused on the Twitter functionality and UI in this initial release but he has plans to quickly add other expected functionality such as:

  • Live Tile
  • Push Notifications
  • Tweetmarker Support
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Hover over Quick Access Bar for Quote, Retweet, Favorite and Reply
  • In app preview of web pages and links
  • Twitter List management

I am also sure that as version 1 of Tweetium gets out to a broader audience there will be other ideas and Brandon encourages you to head over to the Tweetium UserVoice page to give him your feedback.

So how about a peek into the app?

Here is a screenshot of multiple Tweetium instances open on a single screen. I could not do this in the video because of the screen size of my demo computer.


You can download Tweetium from the Windows Store.