My favorite newsfeed reader on Windows 8 is one of Microsoft’s current Red Stripe deals.

I have been using Nextgen Reader for a long time now and find it the best option for reading my RSS feeds that are collected at Feedly.

The developer is also very active with the app making sure it is up to date and improving.  They recently updated the app to take advantage of new features in Windows 8.1 and it works well every time.

Screenshot (279)

Screenshot (280)

Screenshot (277)

Nextgen Reader is normally available for $2.99 but is 50% off at $1.49 during this Redstripe Deal. You can get it at that price through Wednesday.

You will also find Nextgen Reader available on Windows Phone and if you use it on both platforms everything keeps synched up between your desktop and the phone.

I was told by the developer this morning that the Windows Phone version of Nextgen Reader will be available as Nokia’s App of the Day during the week of Christmas and that means the Windows Phone version of the app will be free globally for one full day.

That means you can join the Nextgen Reader ecosystem for less than $1.50 in the span of about 10 days on the calendar.

If you are using Feedly to consolidated your RSS feeds this is your best option for staying connected to those stories and posts.