Last night the hashtag #FiveWordTechHorror started showing up in my timeline and quickly grew into a trending topic worldwide.

In fact, this morning it is still on the Top 10 list of trending items and is holding the top slot in the United States.

The basic premise of the hashtag is to describe, in five words, the worst thing you could hear from your IT department or any other IT related entity.

Throughout the course of the evening I watched the hashtag and posted a couple of my own and late yesterday Taylor Soper over at GeekWire posted his top 10 #FiveWordTechHorror tweets.

For me the best part of the watching this hashtag over a few hours was when Microsoft’s former Windows boss, Steven Sinofsky, jumped into the fray and posted some classic Windows related #FiveWordTechHorror tweets.

Here they are:



Did you join in the viral hashtag? Comment below and share a link to your favorite #FiveWordTechHorror tweets.