One area that has been beefed up significantly with the Xbox One compared to its predecessor is the voice commands for interacting with the console.

Yesterday I wrote about a new Subreddit that Microsoft has established for gaming video clips that are recorded when gamers tell their consoles “Xbox, record that” but there are a lot more commands available for you to use with your new Xbox One.

Over at the Xbox One Support site you will find the Xbox One Kinect voice commands summary page so that you can become familiar with the voice commands that are available.

Voice commands are broken down into several areas including:

  • Getting Around
  • Communicating
  • Sign-in & Profiles
  • Notifications
  • Video & Music
  • TV
  • Volume
  • Gaming

My recommendation is that you print the voice commands page out and have it handy near your console while you learn the various commands.

“Xbox, on”