There has been a free OneNote app in the Windows Store ever since the store was first available.

It has never been a fancy app with bunches of bells and whistles but it always had great functionality so you could access your various notes and work with them easily.

I am not sure I remember the last time the app received an update but today it gets some UI changes, pen related updates and under the hood bug fixes.

According to the very brief update notes in the Windows Store app listing here is what has changed:

  • Pen menu allows you to set favorite pens, change pen color and thickness
  • Support for roaming list of recent notebooks
  • Support for drawing with touch
  • Fixed issues with keyboard closing
  • Various bug fixes.

The new roaming list of recent notebooks is the first thing you will notice when you start up the app.

Screenshot (97)






Screenshot (98)







See the OneNote App listing in the Windows Store.