I must admit one of my favorite additions to Windows 8.1 is the Windows Reading List App.

Screenshot (253)

It is a great repository of items I want to take a look at later or possibly write my own post about the subject.  It easily syncs across all of my Windows 8.1 devices as well although I would really like to see this app added to Windows Phone so that I can add items to it from there a swell.

Anyway – I digress.

So the Reading List is already a very well functioning tool and besides that Windows Phone thing probably does not need any changes however, Microsoft has updated the app to allow you to have a finer level of organizational control of your items by adding a category option.

Here is a screenshot walkthrough of how the category option works.

When you pull up the Share Charm and select Reading List you will now see a drop down selection box with the categories listed. There are already a handful of categories added by default. You can remove these and add your own.

Screenshot (255)

Here are the default categories and an option to add new ones.

Screenshot (256)

If you click on New Category a box pops up for you to create a category.

Screenshot (254)

In order to see items by category just swipe from the top or bottom of the screen (Right Click if you are using a mouse) and then select the category you want to see.

Screenshot (258)

Finally here is the category view.

Screenshot (257)

If you close the Reading List App while viewing a specific category it remembers that state the next time you start it.

For more info about the Reading List App you can visit their FAQ page.

See Windows Reading List App in the Windows Store.

Tip to @WinBeta for the heads up.